The following is just a sample of some of our work. This is intended to provide a sense of the scope that we can cover.

Petition Initiative System

An organization found itself frequently in political battles with opponents who use petitions to put measures on the ballot. Attempts to validate (or invalidate) signatures was a nightmare of effort and cost. We designed and built a system to make this pre-ballot filter cost-effective.

Large Enterprise Tech Transfer and Culture Change

A large international enterprise wanted to make their corporate R&D culture more market-aware. Their strategy was to transition at least one R&D-level technology into a VC-funded startup, with corporate researchers on loan to experience it. We evaluated a number of technologies in the labs, chose the best (in terms of potential), created complete business plans for those (including educating the enterprise managers about startups and funding). The company selected the final candidate, and we then refined the plans and presentations, formed the initial management team, presented the concept to venture capitalists, and, based on feedback, implemented a test site at an important customer location. The technology area: a Web-based natural language search engine aimed at e-commerce environments.

Strategic Opportunity Analysis

A medium-sized systems integrator was considering whether there are any strategic opportunities for service and support of Linux applications. We analyzed the Linux market and trends, the developing competitive services situation, and opportunities supporting both infrastructure-level software and applications in their expertise areas.

Enterprise Facilitation

A large insurance company was in the midst of a worldwide system rollout including standardized PCs, conversion of operating systems, conversion of basic infrastructure, and so on. We managed a cross-functional committee of midlevel IT managers that created the rules and policies for the design and implementation teams to follow. These managers needed to communicate with each other and the rest of the enterprise in a high-bandwidth, responsive manner, and we succeeded.

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